ZTP BH Korad IPO-1 SuCH Ebony von Rieseneck,  1998—2008

Ebony is a beautiful dog. He is a male, you better believe it! He is a splendid working dog but one of the reasons we didn’t reach higher than we did is that the thought he knew best all the time, and I wasn’t sure that wasn’t true most of the time

ZTP BH Korad SuCH Orfalou des Bruyérès du Born, 1997-2007

Our special guy from France. Noone like Orfalou in the whole world could do crazy and funny things. He is better than TV. Given the choice between a toy and a meat ball, he takes the toy every time. Tracking with Orfalou meant spike shoes and gloves AND exhaustion—for me, never for Orfalou


Korad SuCH Sundabish Streisand 1993-2004

The toughest girl in town. She fought everything, didn’t matter if they were big or small. She had to be top bitch. She was cute though, and no one  could laugh like Barbie.


Jipotimas Kennels and Dog Food

At the Rainbow Bridge

The Jipotima Boxer—the Best dog for the best people

Korad LP1 SuCH INTuCH Roamaro Scotch Gold, 1996-2008

My English gentleman, and he IS a real gentleman. A little on the small side Scotty still managed to win his share of shows. He doesn’t really like obedience but he has found his place working as a “guard” dog at a camping site. His puppies are all friendly and beautiful. At 12 years old he was still like a puppy. He died of a broken heart when his daughter and best friend died. She was 11.


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