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My females

BH Korad SuCH BSL1 BSL2 LP1 Jipotimas Easy Gold 2001-

Dixie is the mother of Otto and she has given her fantastic temperament to him. I often call her my over-social-monster. I have never competed in protection with her because I do not know whether she will bite the arm or kiss the helper. What you DO know is that she loves everyone. She is a very good dog to train and compete with, and we do compete in BSL3 and also sometimes in the obedience classes

BH Korad Jipotimas Sushi 2004-

This girls has inherited most of the bad treats from Barbie, BUT she can also be the sweetest girl AND she is something Barbie never was—trainable. Sushi is hard as nails, she wants to be the top bitch and it is a constant struggle to reassure her she is not. We compete in BSL, and maybe IPO next year.

BH Korad BSL1 BSL2 IPO1 IPO2 SuCH Jipotimas Yang 2005-

Azta, who gave me Orfalou back. She has quite a few of Orfalou’s treats AND it is such a treat to have them back here. Azta is also very beautiful and loves the show scene—and everything else. She is totally crazy and soo fun to work with. We will compete in IPO and BSL this year, maybe even in the obedience classes and in Svenskbrukset.

Jipotimas Mercedes 2007-

This is the dog I got as payback. My kids swears she suffers from all the letter combination possible. She has the energy of 1 boxer, 1 malinois, 1 dobermann, and 1 german shepard—at the SAME TIME. She is just a darling :=).

DixieSushiAztamercedes as a puppy

The Jipotima Boxer—the Best dog for the best people

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Jipotimas Ulrika Knape 2008-

Ulrika is together with Yinichi our new asset here at Gillberga. She is Sushi’s daughter in EVERY aspect. Let’s see if we can curb her hard style. She has a beautiful body, very muscled, and is also proving to be a very good tracker. She has a full bite which she will NOT release :)