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What is there to say? My name is Jill Mellström and if you Google me on the Internet, with and without dots above the o,  you may very well be confused. There is only one with that name, and that is me. Although with all the different references you may think there are at least a few more strange people :=). You will get references to bridge since I used to play that game on a high level for quite some time, as well as other sports I have participated in over the years. You will also get references to computer books I have written, birman cats and boxer dogs  I have bred, and you will find that I advocate for dogs and cats to eat BARF, e.g Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. You will most probably also get a reference to the book I wrote on that subject a few years ago. If you get interested to read more about BARF you may visit my other web page www.jipoitmas.se.

But now to my “life with boxer”: I got my very own first boxer, Bol’s Magnum in 1992. He lived to be a little bit over 13 years, and was never sick. He was not a show dog nor really breeding material although he did have an interesting pedigree. Next came Barbie, Sundabish Streisand. I bought her from England and she was to be my foundation bitch and my first show Champion. She truly detested anything that spelled obedience and exercise, but she only needed to walk around the house to develop enormous muscles. She died 11 years old, looking like she never had had a litter, and she had four! Next was Scotty, Roamaro Scotch Gold. A darling boy. All the good temperaments I have in my dogs comes from him and his two full sisters I brought home in the next litter. Thank you Mandy Laidlaw of Roamaro boxers for them. Scotty is both a Swedish Champion and an International Champion. He can also be proud of an obedience title and some working prices. Scotty will be 12 years old (august 2008) and is still like a puppy, and still the leader of the pack. Both his sisters, although younger, are dead though.

The most fun dog I have ever had came next, from France flew my Orfalou des Bruyérè du Born. Orfy captured the heart of everyone he met—except for  Erica Blomberg, Hausse Kennel, He was totally fearless but did not have a mean bone in his body. He loved toys of any shape and form and he LOVED to work—maybe a little bit to much. He was a fantastic obedience dog—with another handler. Still he got some titles and also became a Swedish Champion.

My boy from Germany, Ebony von Rieseneck, was more focused and the best IPO-dog of the lot. He also got his Swedish Championship and some working titles. Both Orfy and Ebony died last year 11 and 10 years old. I miss them terribly.

From Barbie and Ebony I kept my horrible girl, Jipotimas My Fair Lady, Lilla My, named after the biting Finnish Mumin character. I could never compete with Lilla My, she was far to fond of telling everyone that she was in charge which, of course,  she was. She is now helping CJ’s sister to deliver papers in the morning, and guarding her from bad peoples out in the streets, by sleeping on the back seat of hear car....

The next one to tell about is  Jipotimas Easy Gold, Dixie. Her mother is one of Scotty’s sisters and her father is the fantastic Impressive’s Cool ‘n Easy. I never dared compete in IPO with her because I never knew whether she would kiss the helper or bite the sleeve. She is otherwise fun to work with and we now compete in the highest classes in BSL (tracking and obedience). She is also a Swedish Champion.

Dixie also gave me Otto (with the help of Ebony of course). Otto, Jipotomas Miracle Man, is just that - a miracle man. He and his brother, Wonder Boy aka Twister, were born almost 2 weeks premature, and how they survived no one knows. Their 6 siblings all died. Otto combines Dixie’s and Ebony’s fantastic temperaments. Unfortunately he also inherited Ebony’s fear of the retrieve. I once hit Ebony on the head with it, so hard that he actually fainted. How Otto could inherit that I do not know… Otto is also very beautiful and loves the show scene. He moves like a million-dollar-trotter. Dixie and Otto now spend their golden years as Camping Dogs. This entails checking the Camping every morning, saying good morning to all and everyone. Two-legged as well as four-legged. They have also 4 two-legged siblings to play with.




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