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BH Korad Jipotimas Miracle Man, 2004-

Otto, what can I say about my Otto? He is my darling, the sweetest most beautiful dog. He loves everyone but refuses to retrieve correctly so no competing for him—yet. He loves the show scene though, and to be my date on the weekends. He will not be offered as stud dog.


The Jipotima Boxer—the Best dog for the best people

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Jipotimas Yinichi, 2008-

We have a new little darling, Nicke Lilltroll. He is a super, super sweet little boy, and he is to be THE MAN here at Gillberga. He is just a baby now, but we will keep you posted about his progress. His father is the lustrous Hannibal Optima  Grata one of the big show winners in Europe as well as being of outstanding temperament. His mother is the equally lustrous Jipotimas Yin who won the Swedish Championships only 11 months old. The youngest ever!

Nicke är röntgad med A-A på höfterna och UA på knäna. Han har också gjort sitt MH och är I princip klar att gå I avel.

Yinichi is X-rayed and his hips are A-A, and his knees are free. He has also done his Mental test, MH, which means he is now allowed to breed. 3 of his siblings are also x-rayed A-A.

Yinichi blev BIR-valp på SM i höstas och dagen efter blev han bästa Juniorhane. Här är en bild från detta tillfälle. Han var bara 11 månader.

Yinichi became BEST Puppy in the Swedish Championships this Summer. The next day he was best Junior. Here is a picture from that show.  He was 11 months

Nicke just fathered 15 puppies with Ditte a Honeybox bitch.

Soon he will have more puppies with Bell a Swedebox bitch.

Nicke has made the 18-month heart test. The Cardiologists

Said they have seldom seen a better boxer heart!

Nicke NyfikenNicke

Jipotimas Yinichi at 11 months


Jipotimas Yinichi at 8 weeks

Jipotimas Yinichi at 16 months